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Matt Peach - Epiphany (Digital Download and Digital Booklet)

Get your digital copy of the new Epiphany album - directly from the artist. You will receive an email on Saturday 28th November with a download link and a one time download code. This purchased code will only work once. The link will allow you to download a zip file containing 10 super high definition MPEG-4 audio files and a full colour PDF digital album booklet.

It takes thousands of pounds, countless hours, and a toil of physical sweat and tears to create an album. 79% of all music consumption in 2019 was streamed. When an album is streamed in the digital age, the artist earns an average of £0.005 per stream. With Covid-19 clipping the wings from musicians all over the globe, it is now next to impossible for them to currently put food on the table from live shows and touring. With music service providers taking cuts and paying artists so little for their talent, it is time for musicians to put their faith in other strategies to pay the bills. Buying this digital download of the album from this store means that 100% of the profits will go directly to the artist.

"I will always believe in punk-rock, because it's about creating something for yourself.” - Joe Strummer.

P.s. we're not complete anarchists, the album will eventually be released on all the usual digital platforms in the future, though no date is yet decided. But we wanted to offer this option in advance to the proper fans.

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